The Serger

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet. It’s probably because sometimes when I touch the serger my face automatically goes like this:

Serger 004

No one ever taught me how to sew on a serger. Or how to thread a serger. Or spell serger, so I could be spelling this wrong.

Work with me here.


If you don’t sew you probably don’t know what this fancy machine does.

Or if you do you may have only heard of it as an urban myth.

Sergers exist. They are not unicorns.

Okay pretend you are wearing pants.


Now look at the sewing closest to your inner knee.

No I don’t think you have two sets of knees,

but look at any knee. Left or right. Now look at the sewing that is closest to the inside. See how it is kind of fancy? Now look at your pants wrong side wrong. See how they loop and there are a ton of confusing almost scary threads?

That my friend.

Was done with a serger.

Serger 006

If photos had audio you would hear me squealing like a school girl because I not only threaded a serger right, I was sewing, and I was doing it “right” what ever that means (I took it as, 1. Nothing caught on fire and 2. there was no crazy sounds 3. the piece of fabric looked alright when I was done).

Small victories.

This probably means there will be some fancy tutorials coming up soon.

Well as soon as I unburry everything around my serger.


Don’t act like your craft area is clean.

Your craft area isn’t clean unless you spent 1000$ at IKEA and hired a craft-cleaning-person.