That is not a picture of a car accident.

That is not a picture I am particularly angry about.

That would be a picture of the kindest woman who decided to push our dead car halfway to our apartment so we didn’t have to walk it too too far.

Why are we pushing our car?

Because there was something broken in it. That cost the cost of the car to fix. Did you get that?

Car Value < Car Repairs


In true Murphy’s Law form the car died just as handsome and I started moving forward on thinking realistically about buying a house.

In fact it died as we pulled into the bank.

Thanks Murphy.

Thanks car.


I’m totally not mad.

The car did it’s job. Pretty darn well. It took Nate and I too and from our places while we were apart. And brought us on adventures far and near.

Here’s a quick history of “The Silver Bullet”

Christmas 2011:


Christmas 2011_0743


Christmas 2011_0693


Christmas 2011 146

Other Adventures:

MN for my brother-in-law’s wedding

Andy & Laurie Wedding Weekend_0201

Indianapolis to visit friends:

Jens 21st_0051

Chicago to visit friends:

Nate's Bachelor Party_0045

Indiana for a quick bit of sun:

July 4th 2011_0034

Wisconsin: Wedding

Masanets Wedding_0008

Race Routes with hoards of people running behind it:

Panther Prowl 11_0179

Springfield IL: Wedding

Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0152

Bloomington IN to visit friends:


St. Louis:

St Louis_0096


That’s just a glimpse of the miles the car has had in the past year. I think it’s okay to say our car has done us well. Aided in adventures and traveled, aged a bit in life.

Tell me where has your car been?


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