Jen's Street Photography 023

This is the cup my coffee comes in. This morning I only had the plastic cup that water comes in. Mostly because I thought it best for my body to take a break from all the caffeine I’ve been inhaling this semester.

I understand why folks graduate from college addicted.

I also understand why folks get caught up in the “requirements” of life and forget to “let go”

This coming from experience.

There’s a pretty big tide of change coming.

I’m pretty excited for it.

Except aren’t we all on the edge of change?

I think my spring cleaning should be forcing myself to finish 10 projects that are in my sewing box.

What is ten like a lot?

You really don’t want to look in my sewing box.

No really.

I”m an accumulator. I live by the idea that you never know what you are going to need.

Like the 20+ magazines I have in case I assign something where students need to cut out pictures..

Orrr the 50 books I own, half of which are to create a library in my classroom.

Then I wonder

am I really a

Ms. Hindes?

Excuse me ms. hindes I have to pee. Excuse me ms. hindes I have *student points to the word period in a text* Excuse me ms. hindes.

What are you doing here?

Is anyone else dying for fresh vegetables?

-Reflecting Tomato.