Vagina Warrior

Vagina Monologues 2012 020

These are the pillows I made for the Vagina Monologues’s silent auction.

They read, “Vagina Warrior – It means battling violence happening around us, it requires strength, courage, and fierceness. It means not being silent. I am a Vagina Warrior.”

I got this shirt from my sister years ago. It didn’t really fit, but I kept it – in part because I am a pack rat, and in part because I knew I could make something with this shirt. It had real potential.

Then the vagina monologues came.

Then they called for items for the silent auction.

Then I finally did what I wanted to do. I cut up the shirt into two equal squares. Then a square of matching fabric, which happened to be pink.

Then I sewed around the edges.

Turned it inside out, stuffed it and sewed it up.

It was fairly simple.

We gave it to our director, who is a Vagina Warrior if I’ve ever met one.

Vagina warriors are my role models. They are people I look up to.

But I think all survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and any woman who survived violence is a vagina warrior, because even surviving is pretty freaking amazing.

I look up to so many women.

I should make these pillows by the thousands and start giving them out to everyone I know.

-Warrior Tomato