From the Back of my Closet

I’ve recently came upon a blog about how to travel and look fantastic doing it. I was caught between the deep desire for a new wardrobe and the desire to travel.

Sadly the desire for a new wardrobe won out.

Which is outrageous.

You see there is this study that first my sister told me about, and then later in life I stumbled on, and then of course, lost for sake of this blog.

But it said.

That people tend to be happier and stay happier when they spend their money on doing instead of things.

I’ve tried to take this to heart.

So we bought a crop share, filled with things to eat and make and cook.

We have a dog that we spend a lot of time with, who brings us lots of joy.


I am a product of my environment.

Sometimes all I want to do is buy.

New. Expensive. Shiny things.

I’m really bad with clothes. Mostly because it is hard for me to find clothes I really like. So I let myself splurge.

A lot.

Which is why I bring you, “Back of my Closet”

The post where I show you what is in the back of my closet that I should wear more often because I look pretty darn good in it.IMG_3685.JPG

This is:
My TOMS that have holes in the big toe area. But seeing as I certainly cannot wear this to work when I’m employed. I need to keep wearing them now.
The skirt I bought in high school! Even then I didn’t wear it, but it does look so good!
The long sleeve was a Christmas gift some years back, but long sleeves and I have a hard relationship because they are not normally long enough. This one clearly is.
The scarf was also a Christmas gift. I always forget to throw on a scarf and snazz things up a bit.

Here’s to recycling what you already own! (Otherwise known as wearing your clothes!)