Lemon Pepper Pasta

Pasta & Skookie 033

Handsome and I are doing a pantry challenge.

What the hell is a pantry challenge.

It translates loosely to saving money and eating everything out of your pantry that way. 1. You eat your food before the expiration date. 2. You have to get creative. 3. You save some money. 4.Eventually when you move out of this dumpy apartment you won’t be moving expired food.

Which is why I made this lemon pepper pasta.

Pasta & Skookie 001

First grab two bell peppers and start cutting them into strips.

Also if you are in a nice ball gown go ahead and change into sweats and a long sleeve. Because you’re cooking and no one will look at you.

…Unless you post this on a blog.

Then maybe you could keep the gown on.

Either way people will probably judge.

Choose your evils.

Pasta & Skookie 006

I cut them into strips like you would serve to eat with veggie dip. Then I cut them in half. Mostly because I didn’t want to wash knives.

Totally normal.
Pasta & Skookie 009

Dice up an onion. Just a medium to small size onion.

Pasta & Skookie 013

Cook the onion for a bit (with butter) until they start to get a little soft and then throw the peppers in.

Pasta & Skookie 015

Cook around a bit. DO NOT SQUISH THE PEPPERS.

Peppers are tasty because they are crunchy.


Also only cook them down a bit.

I like to cook them until they soften up, and the colors start to fade (I’m not sure if this is a natural process or because of GMOs).

Pasta & Skookie 017

Take your fancy bright yellow lemon squeezer and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the pan.

Pasta & Skookie 022

Cook down.

Pasta & Skookie 024

Add 1/3 a cup of white wine. Ignore my measuring cup. Mine was too whiney (punn!).

But if your into that.

Add 1/3

Pasta & Skookie 025

Then add a splash of heavy cream.

I know.

But really.

It’s worth it.

And it’s totally a splash.

And really your body digests it way better than that soda pop you had earlier.

Pasta & Skookie 028

I think I added about 1/3 to 1/2 a cup.

Cook down.

Pasta & Skookie 031

Okay now there is some line of thinking about not getting milk products too hot because you don’t want curds. Well I have to eat my food boiling. It’s a problem.

Then serve over penne pasta.

Or bowtie pasta.

Really any pasta in your pantry.

Get fancy.