Is a hard word to spell.

More than though. It’s a mess.

Because it’s small and somewhat fragile, and pointy.

Have you ever stepped on an earring?

The emotions range from extreme pain to complete worry if you just destroyed your dead grandmother’s earrings.

What? No stop it. Surely this happens to you too…

Anyway here was my solution.
Christmas 2011 232

Amazing right?

It is an old font drawer. Okay so if you are blog savvy you probably don’t know what a font drawer is. Google that shit.

Okay so each little square panel held a letter or a block. Which means the perfect size to hand jewelry. The hard part though is screwing the tiny little hooks into the perfectly sized squares or rectangles if you’re going to go all geometry on me.

This takes, nimble fingers, which rules out using gloves. Which means a lot of pain on the little tips of your fingers.

But it’s so worth it.

Now I know what I own. What a concept.

Tutorial / How to

-Buy font drawer (check garage sales, thrift stores, and especially auctions)
-Buy little screws
-Screw in little screws

*Some people glue felt on the back to save your wall. I live an apartment so I’m over it.*