The Best Part of Feminist Bootcamp


The best part of feminist boot camp was the people.

Not necessarily the facilitators who really were awesome.


It was the people I surrounded myself with daily.

I was like a lot of people who on the beginning of this trip thought, “I give it a day and then we all hate each other.”

Except. After an entire week.

I loved them all.

You see these specifically pictured folks allowed me to grow as a person, as a professional, as a feminist, and as being.

The group taught me these things.

-One. I’m awesome. If you don’t see that you don’t deserve to hire me.

-Two. Tell yourself you can do it and fucking try your ass off until you do it. Which translated into. Write your manuscript. And get it published.

-Three. Tell others what is awesome about them, because as a society we don’t always tell people that.

-Four. Difficult discussion about race, gender, and socioeconomic status is important to have. Even if it is difficult.

-Five. Reach out. For help, for connections, for resources. More than likely someone will offer you a hand.

-Six. Don’t judge a person. Because it turns out after day one I was enamored with my roommates.

-Seven. Community can strengthen you. Reach out to one. Keep in touch. Remember support is necessary.

-Eight. Step out of your community. You cannot do the work that needs to get done if you are constantly talking to similar minded people.

-Don’t ya know. Brings people together.