Half Day Internship – Feminist Bootcamp


That my friends is Bluestocking Bookstore okay so we all know I have a love for bookstores. Even commercial ones.

But this bookstore. I only walked out with three books… two posters… a card. and a button. So really I did pretty well.

Except when I had my half day internship here I… well I went and bought another book. And another card. Or two. And a DVD.


It’s because this bookstore specializes in gender issues, and feminist issues, and it’s AMAZING!

So my halfday internship was just as awesome.

The bookstore is a collective. Which means no one owns it. No one profits from it. And everyone who works there “volunteers.”

It’s awesome, but it also meant I just spent the day volunteering. Really there is a whole system to learn and we were only there for a few hours so it was mostly like a few hours of Q and A.

I learned how the store started. A small group of women wanted to start a women’s book store (women’s issues and women authors) and then the original group fell out, and the group expanded to include gender issues and social issues. The store also has events every night. They will bring in small authors and people who specialize in gender issues or social issues. They also do book clubs, and other community events.

The best part about this store is the feeling of community.

The best part about my internship was finally having someone to talk about who understood the struggles of wanting to be a social activist teacher and knowing the difficulties that such an identity can accumulate.

I was given resources. A conference to go to. A contact to reach out to. A book to look into.

Mostly though, I was given hope that someone out there is part of a social activist teaching community and is making it work.

Certainly I can too.