New Years 2011

Handsome and I and a bit of his family celebrated New Years Eve together at Firefly grill in Effingham. The night was their tasting menu and it was incredible.

It’s safe to say I spent New Years Eve with family and with the man of my dreams.


It was fun to see what would come next and what it would taste like. It was also equally as fun to see if handsome and his brother would eat the vegetable dishes.


Everything was very good. In fact, everything was fantastic. Each course was like warming your spirit up from the inside out. The flavors were rich and bright.

However I do believe I had a favorite.


That was the molten lava cake with coffee ice-cream and a raspberry delicious something. Which was good, but you see handsome doesn’t like coffee. He borderline loathes it. So he asked to switch his ice-cream. Which means he had the best meal I’ve ever tasted.

Molten lava cake with some type of raspberry drizzle tasty with brown butter ice-cream. I admit to scraping his plate clean when he finally called it “finished.”

It was out of this world.

Which is why I am now asking for an ice-cream maker for my birthday, christmas, valentines day, fourth of july, anything. You just wait until I find somehow to re-create that mouthwatering – amazing – melt in your mouth from the explosions of delicious – ice-cream.