Christmas Gift- Homemade Part Two

This gift, you must forgive me I don’t have steps or the process or even the sewing.

Christmas 2011_0743

It was just a simple fortkit.

I made one for each family with about the same age kids.

Each kid consisted of a bag, handmade out of an old pillowcase bought a garage sale (washed, cleaned, and ironed). Two sheets bought from a thrift store or other outlet (washed, cleaned, and ironed). One pack of 50 clothespins. One set of books, bought from a thrift store (really once you take off the dust jackets the books themselves tend to look brand new). One flashlight per child.

Other things I tried to add, but simply couldn’t find at thrift stores – card games, board games, dress up clothes, costumes, and other fun things.

I think it went over pretty well and allowed for a lot of fun and creativity.