Handsome and I – First Christmas

Okay so Handsome and I have had a few Christmases together before this one, but since we were married I wanted to go as over the top as possible.


Well you see I may have been the child that cried when my family tradition went from a fresh tree to a plastic one. I may have been the same child who cried when the tradition of opening Christmas morning was switched to Christmas eve. I also may have been the child who cried.. a lot.

No really I did.

So I thought, why not start with as many Christmas traditions as humanly possible.

That’s what we did.

We woke up early and opened presents.

Christmas 2011 065Christmas 2011 067

We also had stockings stuffed to the brim!

Then when we were done with all of our goodies we had breakfast. Okay truthfully I wanted to put of the gift excitement so we took a timeout for breakfast.

French toast!

Christmas 2011 068

Handsome’s favorite. I even bought real syrup because it was Christmas and all.
Christmas 2011 071

It was delish!

Christmas 2011 076

Nate was in snuggly clothes, and he got starwars cookie cutters!

Christmas 2011 086

… Totally bought those in August..

We also worked on our Christmas puzzle.

Christmas 2011 091

It was a lot of fun, but Indy chewed up one piece really well.

Christmas 2011 098

For dinner we had roast beast and potatoes.

Christmas 2011 100

Christmas 2011 103

Christmas 2011 110

After all the food we could eat we snuggled and watched two Christmas classics. Frosty the snowman and Santa Clause is coming to town. Then we went for a Christmas drive to look at all the lights.

It was great.

Best Christmas ever.

Tomato Love