Homemade Christmas Gift Part One

This Christmas I tried to give all homemade or thrifted Christmas gifts. Which means yes, I did not buy your gift at the store. And yes there is a chance someone used it before you. But I think I found some good finds at my local thrift store, and more than that I think I made some good homemade gifts.

The first gift I’ll show is one of the gifts that I think went over the best.

Christmas 2011_0204

Don’t ask why I put my arms on my side like that.


First things first, start with an empty canvas. Also you might want to start laying out your crayons.

As always, craft in sweats. Because it makes you look like I professional.


Christmas 2011 016

Next start hot gluing the crayons on the top of your canvas. Decide if you want to be horizontal or vertical. Just a fair warning Horizontal is going to take a whole lot of crayons.

Also Don’t do your hair. Because professionals don’t have time to do their hair.

Christmas 2011 020

For this one I decided to line them up close to their color scale. Greens to Blues or Blues to greens or what not. Remember glue each individual crayon and budding up against the last one. Try for a straight line. But really no one will notice.

Christmas 2011 022

Now when you realize that, “Holy Crap this project takes up a lot of crayons.” You’ll realize you have an awkward little space next to the crayons. Right a nice saying. Maybe sign it with your blog name. Just be creative.

Christmas 2011 027

Now the fun part happens. Head to the bathroom, plop on the floor, and turn your hair dryer on HIGH. Now if you have a million dollar hair dryer because you I don’t know, do your hair. Then by all means. STOP. Go out, to a thrift store or somewhere, buy a hairdryer and then head to your bathroom.

Christmas 2011 028

There will be splatter. So watch your hair dryer. Your floor. Your clothes. Your toilet. Your tub. Your closet. Your carpet. Wax could be getting everywhere.

Christmas 2011 030

It does take a while. I don’t know why scientifically, but I think it’s just to stress you out that this project isn’t going to work.

Deep breath. Keep going.

Now this is also where the splatter becomes well kind of a lot. Hence why my photographer slash handsome had to stop taking pictures and run over the the kitchen to prepare more newspapers. Had I been prepared there might have been more pictures.

Here’s the finished project though.

Christmas 2011 038

Christmas 2011 049

The orange one was not in a color scheme. Still a color family, but the crayon placement was random.

Comment if you have any questions.