Gift Guide

I’m a big Etsy fan. This is evident from the multiple things we bought for the wedding and also for around our apartment. I love the handmade beauties you can find on the website. If there’s someone in your life who likes things that are different, unique, organic, or handmade. Take a look at this gift guide.

I love these. I live off of these. I may or may not own 3 pairs of the cheap (meaning not handmade) ones from chain stores. I would love a pair of these. If you have a coffee shop, always cold, person in your life. Go for the fingerless gloves. Great for staying busy with work, and staying warm in what is normally a cold environment – the coffee shop.

Organic Pajama pants should be illegal. It says, “I’m environmentally conscious while sitting here on my couch.” Or in my case, “I feel better about wasting my life away on this couch because I’m wearing organic.” What… what?! Is that just me..? Okay well these are beautiful and look like they could be so comfortable I could stay all day in bed. Really is this just me?

These are beautiful. Also this is a great gift for that, “I don’t know what to get her because we’re still new” It says, “I care” without saying, “I didn’t know what to get.” Choose a hike you might have gone on, a lake that means something to you, or to her, or to both of you. The choices are endless, and beautiful.

This is pretty awesome. It’s whimsical, fun, and says you care about the environment.

Lastly this beauty is so personal and fun.

Hope this helps for those folks in your life that like things a little different.