*Cheer Cheer for Old Notre Dame*


That is handsome and I at our first Notre Game. Well his. Well ours as a couple. Really it’s the only time that Nate had ever seen me really watch football.

Fun fact: I love football.

Fun fact: I was totally *that* girl in high school. The one that watched the game.

Fun fact: I totally want to be a football parent in 10 years.

Fun fact: I want my daughter to play football.

Fact: Handsome does not like football.

Fact: Handsome enjoyed the game.

Fact: Handsome was whistling the fight song before he left. #win

Fact: Handsome is awesome and will support our kids in anything they do. But secretly hopes its not football or karate.


Fun Fact: Recently my awesome group participated in a girls on the run event here in our local town.Which means I’ve listened to Miley Cyrus, a lot. It use to be accidental. Now I crave it. Is that okay??