My local den of a habitat

I come to my local coffee shop once a week. Okay that’s clearly not true. I come to my local coffee shop upward of twice a week. Why the hell do I get a good cup of coffee and free internet so frequently? Obviously it’s not because of my blog because I’ve been lacking in updating.


Mass and mass amounts of it. I have been teaching lately and it has put me incredibly behind in my own homework. It’s hypocrisy to the thousand degree that I am lecturing my students about the grades you get directly reflect the effort and time you put into homework.

How much work are we talking here? One paper reflecting on every book I’ve ever read which is a lot of books. It’s suppose to be narrowed down to the books that have had an affect on your life. That is a lot of books… One paper reflecting feminism in two graphic novels. One paper reflecting sexual assault policy. One portfolio of everything I’ve ever done all semester.

And one research grant looming over my head.

Sometimes you need a large cup of coffee. Which is nice when the coffee bartender nonchalantly hands you the largest cup you can order when you only paid for the smallest cup.

Somehow it’s good. Manageable. Tangible.