Colorado – Hiking


Recently handsome and I went to Colorado with my parents to visit my sister.

It was really nice. Sometimes I wish I could live on a mountain forever and take daily hikes. Although I’m sure my knees appreciate the ground of Illinois much more than the mountains of Colorado, my soul, my heart, loves the mountains.
I was ridiculously out of shape so we did a lot of this while hiking.

At least I wasn’t trying to epi-pen myself into energy to climb to the top of the mountain.Colorado_0130

Okay so maybe all of us were out of shape except for handsome because he managed to take a lot of great pictures of us. … Sitting.


It was a long hike (with only one water bottle between the four of us) but the view was worth it. I wish I could have sat and ate a quick picnic there. Or at least sat and breathed for a while longer. I’m a big fan of that try and be in the moment type of hike. So instead of rushing to the top I’m more everytime there is a clearing in the trees I stop and look. It’s breath taking. All of it.Colorado_0165

By the time we headed down the mountain my parents were a bit… tired.



They were very happy to be back at the car.