Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night 2011 063

Take Back the Night is a march against sexual assault. It’s amazing, if you have one near you I suggest you go. It’s a mix of emotions for many people, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.
Take Back the Night 2011 043

Different parts of campus come to speak out about sexual assault and violence against women. The faces that are familiar or new are just great to see.

Take Back the Night 2011 013

My group was there during the pre-events with the Clothesline Project. A project speaking out against violence against women.

Take Back the Night 2011 027

We invited those who know someone, or they themselves have been affected by violence to create a T-Shirt. It was the most inviting, amazing environment we could have been in. People turned out shirts faster than we could image (compared to previous experiences)

Take Back the Night 2011 032

This man was passionate about women survivors. He wooped and hollered everytime someone spoke out. Saying things like, “You bet!” and “You have the power!” and just other encouraging noises. I appreciated him and his lack of censorship against sexual assault. He clearly was pissed it happens and was supporting those who speak out against it. Power to him.

Take Back the Night 2011 054

Then the march starts. It starts at a central location and then everyone grabs their candles and starts marching. We marched all around campus. I have a loud voice, and a passionate voice. Therefore I took to leading my little section in the loudest chants I could! I think the most moving image for me was students opening their windows to listen to our chants. 2 4 6 8 No More Date Rape.

*For statistics on Sexual Assault or for Help visit this website*