Grandma’s Apple Pie. Give or Take

September 2011 042

That would be my grandma’s pie. Give or take a few pads of butter in one place and substituting it in another. Also as much as I love my grandma her crust wasn’t my favorite. I remember waiting for my ice cream to soak the crust so it wasn’t so darn… crusty. Well luckily I found a great crust recipe to pair with my grandma’s apple pie recipe.

You see I grew up within 5 minutes of an orchard. I freaking love apples.

September 2011 017

A lot. Which is why for the past two weeks I have been driving 20 minutes outside of town to the “local” orchard. I’ve been sticking with what I know which is green is good, red is not. However I let the wonderful lady working the cashier talk me out of my green apples I’ve been devouring until my stomach hurt for some red-green apples.

I didn’t eat a single apple from that half peck.

Which left me with a half peck of apples I didn’t know what to do with.

September 2011 018

Luckily handsome and I had just bought a fresh container or ice cream. We love our ice cream and I love baked warm goods that go with ice cream.

September 2011 020

Don’t let that face fool you. He really loves ice cream and baked goods. AND he was helping me cook these things. He’s the best.

September 2011 024

I’m not one of those people that takes my rings off when I bake. In fact, I rarely ever take off my rings.

September 2011 040

What did we do with all of those apples? We made Apple Crisp (recipe later) and My Grandma’s Apple Pie (Give or Take)

Grandma’s Apple Pie (Give or Take)

Filling Courtesy of Pat Blough

A whole lot of apples (This translates into about 6 and none of those small apples if they are the small apples this translates into like 12)
A whole lot of sugar (Translation: About a cup for a little bit of run in the pie, like it more runny? Bump it up to a cup and a half)
Pads of butter

Crust Tutorial Can be Found Here

2 ½ cups all purpose or pastry flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon sugar (for a fruit pie. Omit sugar for a savory pie.)
1 cup cold butter, cut into chunks
¼ cup cold water

1. Take the apples and peel them all. What ever you do don’t use those fancy peeling metal machines that different cooking supply shops sell. This is the way of cheaters and even my cancer survivor grandma didn’t use them. Grab a sharp paring knife and a nice kitchen mat to stand on.

2. When all the apples are peeled run the apples through your cheese grater. You think I’m kidding don’t you? I’m not. And my grandma wasn’t kidding either. Don’t grate the apples though, run them through the slicer it’s the part of your cheese grater that makes cheese look like those orange squares in the grocery stories, or in this case makes your apples look like my grandma’s use to.

3. Pour in sugar. The more sugar you add the runnier and more syrupy your pie will be. I think I hand enough “juice” at 1 cup, but you know my grandma wasn’t much for measuring so if you added a ton of apples add more! This is called “winging it”

4. We are also “winging” the Cinnamon. Don’t add too much or else you’ll be turning your pie into those hot candies that I always hated. Taste. Taste. Now stop eating your pie filling I dare you. It’s tough right?


Okay now for the crust. For the love of god follow this tutorial. If your pie crust doesn’t look like the pictures throughout the steps that’s okay. Handsome’s didn’t clump at all and I managed to roll it out just fine.

Okay so now you have one crust? Dump in the apples.

Add pads of butter.

Why? Because that’s what you do.

Then add the top crust. Add fancy marks for air to get through. Pinch around the sides. Add an egg wash.

Bake 350 for 45+ Minutes. The pie should look golden brown and delish. Also the chances of things spewing from the inside is good if the pie is done.


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