Etsy is blowing up with these AMAZING chalk boards made by folks who like bright colors and intricate designs. I thought how cool. In fact I thought, I want one. Which made me then say, I want to make one.

This is again a victim of not taking many pictures so let me show you the final project first.

September 16th 2011 138

Isn’t she beautiful? (The Chalk board.) The yellow is spray paint bought from my local Home Depot. The chalk board paint is from my even more local Ace Hardware store.

How do you make such a beauty?

You go thrift store shopping. It’s a great thing to do. When you are there go to the “art” section one for a good laugh of what someone once bought and two for your frame. This was a framed velvet picture of a matador. I’m not even joking. The ugly “art” almost made me lose sight of what I was looking for. A frame! Therefore after THREE trips to the thrift store humming and grumbling about whether or not this matador was worth three dollars I finally bought it. The frame is pretty great.

Then what did I do? I popped the “art” out of the back and stopped at my local Home Depot for the goods. I need a piece of wood cut to the size of the art so it could slide in the frame. The folks at Home Depot are great they didn’t judge my matador artwork.

Anyway. Then I painted. I sprayed the wood, and I spray painted the frame. Simple right?

September 16th 2011 131

Here’s the back so you can see how the wood just kinda “popped in.” Now the folks at Home Depot really wanted me to make sure my project was sturdy. Because originally I was just going to wood glue this sucker in and call it a day. They suggested that annndddd….

September 16th 2011 134

a power tool! Okay it’s not a power tool because it doesn’t get plugged in. BUT it’s pretty cool when it makes that KA-CHUNK noise every time a staple goes in.  Now I’m totally with Home Depot on this one, I’m glad I didn’t just do glue alone (although the fit was so snug I don’t think that sucker is going anywhere. Make sure you use the right size staples (mine were short) and the right staple gun (I used light) it was a really easy to do assembly and I really love it.
September 16th 2011 143

It really helps bring my apartment together and feeling more like, “I live here.”