These are my friends. They are completely. weird. I love them for it, in fact it works for us. You see we are all three very different people. Stereotypically you would see this, the Poms Dancer, the Nerd, and the crazy hippie. Stereotypically speaking that is.

However if you look closer than our odd formation of friends you would see how awesome they are.


This is really the last time we got together since the wedding. Which I think doesn’t count because I was lost in a dress and a future, and a husband. It wasn’t really about my awesome friends, but this day. This day totally was.


If you’ve never been indoor rock climbing. I have one piece of advice for you.



You can try to pretend like you fit in, but let’s be serious it’ll be a challenge for you while only a few ropes over someone is clearly not struggling.


But it’s fun. Fun is important no matter how old you get. It’s important to always try new things and have fun. And man was indoor rock climbing fun.

And hard.


It’s like a wall with a jigsaw puzzle on it and you have to answer it while climbing. Then of course there is the strength in your hand, your forearm, and toes.



A few times we fell and hung there laughing.


It left us feeling like we needed some fruit, something cold, and somewhere to sit.

Of course it left her feeling like a bad ass.


Rightfully so.

-Tomato & Friends