I’m a mad thrifter. Okay really it’s more like I like looking at things and saying, “What can I make with that?” Which is why I want to show you some of the beauties I’ve been finding lately at my local charity thrift store. (Where is yours and who do you support?)


These beauties were total 2 dollars. I splurge. Okay why are these awesome? You are looking at some epic, vintage placemats and napkins. The brown ones have mushrooms on it. And the yellow well let’s be serious I love any of that old yellow color.


(Sorry tilt your head I forgot to flip this photo) and before you get too excited you should note this is a reprint. Reprinted in the 90s (so it’s getting there in age) but is originally the 50s design. How sad its a reprint, yet how beautiful of a book. The pages are in excellent condition and I think this would make a great gift or pretty artwork to stay on my shelf. Cost – 50 cents


Then there is handsome’s chair. The almost end product you can see here.  Cost – 5.00$

There is much more we’ve purchased second hand that will show up as I talk about Christmas gifts, Apartment decoration, and living.

-Thrifty Tomato