Urban Assualt Ride and Spontinaity

Here’s the deal. I love the idea of saying, “Hey let’s just up and do that!” I love the idea of being the spontaneous girl that shows up with a picnic basket, or a stereo, or a room for dancing. The truth it I book my life full of “Oh god I love doing that I’ll sign up!” and “I’ll help” and best of all “I can do that.”

Which is why I’m really proud of myself for what I did last week. You see on Monday I found this groupon for a Urban Assault Ride. You see it’s awesome. It’s this scavenger hunt, obstacle course, bike ride. Of course all I kept thinking was Perrrrfect. So I messaged handsome at work and I said something along the lines of.


To which handsome said, “We’ll think about it, we’re really busy.” So I looked up the race. Oh it was COOL. It’s sponsored by Fat Tire. One of my favorite beers. So far – I’m happy. Then I keep looking.

… Brace yourself this is what sold me.

All of their sponsors have to prove to be environmentally aware, and or sound. Example? This race had no cups, and lots of water stations. It was BYOB (Bring your own bottle). The bags we were given were the sporty kind for re-use and made of old plastic.

Oh it was cool.

Handsome said we’ll talk when he gets home.

Then I saw groupon said, “Limited Number Available”

Well that was decided.

I bought it.

All willy nilly. We didn’t even have a way of getting our two bikes to St. Louis. We only had one water bottle. I didn’t even have bike shoes… so after a few purchases we were on the road and it was AWESOME.

This was the beginning of the race. You’ll see I’m still a shade of skin color (versus red), and we’re still supporting huge smiles.

At each check point we had to do different “obstacles.” This one was riding a big wheel. Which for handsome was a bit of a challenge because he’s a little tall…


He’s a trooper.


At each “check point” you get a bead for your necklace and then at the end of the race they count em’ up. So handsome and I made it to 5 out of the 7 checkpoints. One we just couldn’t find. And the other was a “mystery” checkpoint and let’s be serious out of towners probably weren’t meant to be able to guess it. So we lost by a long shot.


This is us at the end of the race. Uhm we were a little sunburnt and tired.

It was awesome.What else was awesome?

The fact that the photographer saw me exhausted from the 17+ miles we biked when he read my shirt, “This is what a feminist looks like?” Me- “Tired from working? and Sweaty? Yea today it is.” And then click he snapped an EPIC picture of me.

-Feminist Tomato