At the fair with a scoop of Misogyny

August 2011_0023

Handsome and I went to the fair the other day. Well because when the fair comes into town the entire world freaks out. No really the entire town is plastered with signs, and everyone you talk to tries to make it out there at least once. So we thought “What the hell we are townies now we might as well see what all the hype was about.”

That and we had not ate dinner yet and I’m all for deep fried nacho cheese anything.

Well let’s say it best when a town that considers itself very rural leaves a county fair… desiring more. This is also coming from a girl who’s home town is home of many many many many state champions in both art, food, and definitely animals. The last names of some of these legacies go all the way to Texas. It’s crazy, you wouldn’t understand if you didn’t live there.


We walked the entire fair in 10 minutes and stared at each other. There wasn’t much to do if you could legally go on a date with out a curfew and didn’t enjoy Demolition Derby. (To our defense the only reason we didn’t see muddy cars play bumper cars with each other is because it cost more money and we’re trying to be thrifty this month). Therefore we both got one thing of food of our choice, well kind of (I talked handsome out of a lemon-shake-up only because I know how to make them and we had lemons at home). He ordered a large cheese fry (YUM!) and a corn dog. While I ordered ice-cream. Real Icecream. (Don’t get me started on how my town only has soft-serve icecream in a 50 mile radius).

So while we sat eating our fair-food which turned out to be the whole reason we went. I shot this picture.

August 2011_0020

Apparently handsome thought if he stared at me villianous I wouldn’t eat his fries. HA. I’ll show him.

Then handsome took the camera and said, “keep eating naturally”
August 2011_0021

So I did. (Yes I eat ice-cream like a turtle don’t judge). Then just as he finished taking the picture the man behind the fair “betting” game for a quarter said,

“I always wanted a picture of a woman eating an icecream”

I didn’t even laugh nervously. Looking back at it I’m so angry I didn’t say anything back. I’m allowed to eat icecream in public without being a sex object. I thought about turning it around to my handsome husband and saying comments toward him to make the speaker realize how rude it was. But the more I think about it the more I wish I would have just said, “well that’s rude. I’m not a sex object.” I’m just not as smart witted as I think I am.

Except the more I think about all the millions and hundreds of things I could have said to him the more I get so angry. I see myself picking up a scoop of delicious peanut butter cup, and throwing at his face. Or causing a scene.

But I think what makes me most  frustrated and why I am so frustrated is because I saw it in plain sight. The rude remark. Sitting next to my husband. In public. Maybe I’m “over exaggerating” one moment, but it was a moment that I felt violated from a complete stranger and I couldn’t help but leaving with a sour taste in my mouth.

Then on my way out I saw this

August 2011_0022

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