Women in my life

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I find it it important to talk about the women in my life currently. Maybe it’s because I’m up to my elbows in to-do lists with little time and effort. Which means I’m taking a lot of naps. I like naps.

You see the women in my life rock. That and there’s so stinking many of them it’s amazing. You see currently I am having coffee with my old roommate.COOKIES_0004

You may remember her from our cookie expedition last Christmas. Well she’s awesome. I remember when I Was so stressed out from all the wedding things. I just wanted to hear her say, “You’re awesome. You can do anything.” But really she’s the awesome one. She’s out doing more things than I could ever imagine doing with even less time on her hands than I have. And then there is the whole fact that she still makes time for me with coffee and BINGO and other amazing things.

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This my friends is my mother-in-law (who is currently amazed at a ColdStone Cake). I not only love her for her love of all things sweet and chocolatey. But I love her for loving me. You see there’s those terrible stories of Mother-in-laws who have a secret hate for their daughter-in-laws well I’ve never once felt a secret hate. I’ve always felt a warm and welcoming feeling from this woman. I love laughing with her and she’s so amazing I don’t know how she does it. Or how she did it (raising twins), but I hope some day long down the road when I have kids I find some of her strength.

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Which of course leaves me to all my mothers in life. There’s of course my mother-in-law, my birth mother, and my Best friend’s mother who always welcomed me into her home (and cabinets!). You see with out this trio of women in my life, well my wedding would have never happened, I may never have made it out of high school, and I certainly never learned how to cook delicious food, or eat it!

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Then there is this woman.
Jens Bachelorette Party_0000

This woman.

Really without this woman. My life would not be the way it is. Well it might be, but there would be less sanity, less understanding of what can not be understood, and so much more. She’s my best friend. She’s who I see leaning on when life gets tough, calling for life’s glories, crying over failures, drinking over celebrations. The best ever.

Of course then there’s the million more amazing women in my life. Then of course even more of the great guys who have supported me. Oh I wish I could talk about them all forever.

-So blessed and supported Tomato



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