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Via Feministing

You see sometimes in my life I think I am born in the wrong era. I long to live for a time when there were things to yell about and large change going on everywhere.

Then I see the news. And my blood boils. Sometimes vomit forms. Sometimes I wish to openly weep for the shit on T.V.

Then it happens. I see people standing behind what they believe is right, and going back the old fashion ways with megaphones and a chant. I see people standing in the heat, because of what they believe in.

These two women are protesting the outcome of a rape case in New York city where two cops were accused of rape. If you would like to read more please  read up on the case and where I got the picture.

This picture amazes me, and is a great tool to tell you of two new categories I have in my list. Feminist. and Research. Feminist will be self explanatory with my own experiences with sexism, and problems with the world– including but not limited to, the fact that I am married, the fact that our last name has not been decided, and much more.

Then there is my Research. Which is a new for me and you. You see back in the fall I received a “research grant, or creative activity” well it’s safe to say I chose the activity. I chose to travel around and interview women who have been through “diverse” situations. Meaning any-woman and every-woman. Because women come from all walks of life and have encountered so many things their stories are amazing. My first interview was amazing and the interviewee encouraged me to start a blog and to keep talking about other’s stories and the more I think about it, the more I want to hear more, and the more I think I can’t be the only one interested in hearing stories, and getting their stories out there.

-Tomato on fire.