August Challenges

July 11_0054

You see. I’ve been pretty busy lately.

July 11_0050

I made a quilt for my sister-in-law.

July 11_0002

I canned my own tomato sauce.

Andy & Laurie Wedding Weekend_0201

I ate some fresh fish from my father in-laws own catching.

July 11_0190

Gave lots of baths to a smelly puppy.
July 11_0078

Tried to organize our new apartment.

What does any of this have to do with August Challenges? Simply that my challenge for August is to 3 times a week eat…Vegetarian. I know right? It shouldn’t be that hard. I mean come on who doesn’t love a set of good veggies. And especially when you have a Crop Share (or CSA) it makes it a lot easier. Except here’s the truth. I have no problem I mean zero condolences for petting an animal and thinking about eating it. Except that’s not true, I can’t get past the industry our food has become.

Which is why I would rather eat veggies than meat. I would like to end up only eating organic meat, but sadly I live on a small budget. Mostly because I don’t have a job, but handsome does. We can’t live lavishly. I mean anymore than we already do with a puppy and all.

Along with this challenge I hope to post more recipes.


-A tomato attempting Vegetarian.


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