Bruchetta Pasta

Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0024

Bruchetta is my favorite thing folks. It basically is well. Fantastic. If you haven’t had it before its because you hate veggies, or live under a rock (not true).

Anyway here’s how you mix it up a bit.
Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0003

Cut up tomatoes from your crop share (or your garden, or your local farmers market, orrrrr the superstore…) These little babies were this beautiful orange color and must have been in the cherry tomato family.


Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0006

See those beautiful colors? You can see the garlic in there too. I used three cloves of fresh garlic from my Crop Share.

How do you cut up garlic? Peel all the papery layers from the clove and then SMASH the hell out of it. And then cut up the pulpy squishy stuff from the inside. This helps disperse the flavor, and your anger.

Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0014

Next roll up the basil into a cigarette looking shape with everything all being held in by the biggest leaf you have. And then chop down the line. You will end up with long strips that you can later cut up by cutting well.. down the strips.

This should be when I mention – Fresh herbs are amazing. Go to your local farmers market and get some, or well attempt to grow some in your yard (I failed hard at this). Or have a neighbor with a green thumb. Or if you really have to you can put a down payment on some at the local super store (…)
Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0016

Finally add parmesan cheese (NOT the green can kind – splurge here folks this should your only buy at the supermarket). and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
Crop Share Pasta (July 11)_0023

Next toss into cold pasta.

Lastly. Eat what ever is left with a nice piece of french bread (from the super store sadly my farmers market is low on bakers).


1 1/2 Cups of Chopped Tomatoes
1 Handful Fresh Basil
3 Cloves Garlic
1/2 Cup Parmesan Cheese (Eyeball this because I’ll admit I’m a sucker for cheese and so it might be too much for others)
1/2 Cup E.V.O.O
Scant 1/2 Cup Balsamic Vinegar
Cold Pasta

Chop tomatoes, garlic, and basil and add to a bowl. Add Parmesan Cheese and EVOO and Vinegar. Taste. If it is too tart (either from the balsamic vinegar or the garlic) add more oil or more tomatoes. If too bland add more vinegar or use fresher ingredients.

Cook Pasta to instructions on the box (I used Angel Hair) and run under cold water after cooking to allow cooling.


*Please note this whole meal was brought to you by my local Crop Share. Find one by you and google that shit to learn more!*