New Apartment


This is currently our dining room chair.

No not our dining room table and chair. You see this sucker needed some work.

Mainly getting that awkward desk off.

Which would have been relatively easy if it wasn’t for this sucker. You see I simply bought a 2 dollar saw from BIG LOTS and went to town on the post holding the table on. And when the table should have came off with only a few screws I would have had a beautiful chair. Except this screw was for a circle bit. Meaning it was a tiny bit stripped. Which also means my project became a lot harder than it was suppose to be. What did I do you are asking?

I sawed the screw off. With a 2 dollar saw… It was a process.

Which left me with this beauty.Which I sanded, by hand. From sand paper bought at  HOME DEPOT. This would explain why there was a sander on our registry. Because it would have saved me oh say, 4 hours if I had a sander. Trust me on this.

I taped off the parts that I wanted to be different colors.

I started painting. I use Behr paint. Interior with primer semi-gloss. The original tutorial I saw said use three coats, the woman at home depot just told me (for the second chair) that I only need two. Which probably explains why some spots look weird.

Sadly I don’t have a picture of the final project, but I can show you this.

That is our next dining room chair to be started this week. (Yay!)

What all of this means is- I love the fact that I make things myself. That I can turn something into my own, changing it, creating it, making it different (like me) and making me feel even more at home in my new apartment. There’s going to be lots of projects like this along the way and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the apartment.

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