Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0096

I love this man. Oh sorry I was suppose to talk about my Honeymoon okay.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0059

There was a lot of this.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0061

And that.

Which really means a lot of relaxing. I read four books. (Truth be told I’m actually 30 pages away from finishing my last book and can’t find it. #fail) Nate made it through almost an entire Stephen King book. My freckles grew. Nate turned a darker shade and a little pink.

I saw: Tiger fish, what looked to be baby swordfish, what looked to be torpedo fish, coral, and a squidy looking thing that made me get out of my raft and sprint to shore. All on the resort beach.

I: swam in a pool, the ocean, a waterfall, a hottub, ate, drank, snuggled, saw over 10 weddings on the beach, had 4 nightmares about the wedding, kept handsome up by talking to him all night.

Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0072

Swung into a waterfall.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0081

Sat in a waterfall.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0091

Jumped again into a waterfall.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0097

Geared up to Zipline

Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0107

And then went through the jungle.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0105

I couldn’t have married a better adventurer.
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0109

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