One Married Tomato

Our Wedding_0059

I bet you all didn’t know that huh? That I was married.

Okay so you probably did and were mildly waiting for a little blog update.

Or you thought that the wedding was over and surely I’d be quiet.

Our Wedding_0067

Here’s the deal. Everyone says, “Don’t worry it will all come together in the end.” But when you are standing at the rehearsal realizing you didn’t practice your vows, nor do you have the certificate for the priest, and you forgot the unity tree.

It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it’s all going to come together.

Our Wedding_0044

Or when you are driving to the church the same time your guests are arriving. Which really wouldn’t be that bad. … If you weren’t in street clothes. With no make up on. And a crinkled dress.

You start thinking that really everything that could go wrong is certainly going to go wrong.

Then only a day later,
Honeymoon (Jamaica)_0012

You’re snuggling in bed with your husband.