Thanksgiving 10_0110

This my friends would be me my mother. Of course I was adopted I have none of her mannerisms, posture, facial features, or general features.

No really I don’t.

I swear.

People think we look NOTHING alike.


Thanksgiving 10_0113

CLEARLY. That looks like two strangers.


Okay. Okay. Sometimes people confuse us for sisters. (She being the much much older sister.. teehehehe)

Yes and sometimes I do things and people say, “You laugh like your mom.” “You look like your mom.” “You’re your moms daughter.”

Okay okay. So I wasn’t adopted.

Why all this stuff about my mom only days (DAYS!) before my wedding??

Because my mom deserves some kudos. Some major major kudos.

When everything gets really crazy with the wedding I just keep remembering all the great people behind my wedding helping me along. And isn’t that the best anyway? Knowing that there is an army. No really an army. Of people willing to support you, make you happy, and help you.

How can I ever repay these people back?

Well it’s important to say my mom is the army general. Well maybe not because she’s not mean and stern, but she’s leading a pack.

So thank you mom for all the sewing, the crafting, the organizing, the planning, the thrifting, the looking, the phone calls, the reassurance, and trying to throw me the best day ever.

It’s all going to come together and be beautiful and run smoothly. Or at least run crazily enough that it will be done before anyone even knows it.
August 101

And I will be married to the man I’m head over heels in love with and have been since day one.