Why is there a picture of Red Thai Curry on this blog post? Because Nate ordered this at our last adventure in Chicago and it’s one of my comfort foods. Which is funny because I surely didn’t grow up on it, but I love it like no other.

Why am I starting this post out with comfort food? No it’s not because I don’t believe in dieting before a wedding. It’s not because this is what we are serving at the wedding.

It’s because comfort food is exactly what I want right. Now.

It’s not about being stressed any more (mostly because I think I am so stressed that it all started to melt into one). It’s about the shock factor and the actual physical to-do’s piling up around us.

Roomate One: Are Jen and Nate … accumulating things…?”
Roomate Two: Certainly.

For instance I folded some blankets today and felt accomplished.

Don’t judge me.

Oh the wedding? You want to know how it’s going planning and all?

It’s going like this.

Me: Can we get married yet?!
Handsome: Nine more days.

Me: How about now?
Handsome: Oh oats…

I think you can see a pattern.

It’s also going  lot like this,

“No leave that stuff there.” “Because that’s the pile of things we have to move to the other pile of things and collect it all before the wedding.”

“Did you call them?” “No I’ll call first thing in the morning” “You said that yesterday.” *Picks up phone*

What do you think about this? NO MORE THINKING. *Collapses face first on the bed*
Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0086


Me: How about now??