Taking a Step Back


That my friends is my favorite color on a coffee cup, filled with my favorite mix of coffee and chocolate (my two favorite things), and what is left of my hummus pretzel bagel (some of my favorite things to eat).

Coincidently one of my favorite bloggers Joy the Baker had this post about worrying oh and of course strawberry banana bread. It was god send during this time of the wedding.

What else is god send is the fact that handsome and I have an adventure planned this weekend.

You know what? Handsome himself is godsend.

Isn’t it amazing that when you are stressed and busy the first thing you get rid of is your stress managing moments?

For instance, I use to stretch every morning and every night. Allowing me not only to keep my flexibility, but to get rid of all those stress aches, and pains.

I use to go to the coffee shop and write hoards of emails.

I use to meditate.

I use to bake.

It’s safe to say I haven’t done these things in months. I miss them.

Well today I am going to make some tasty raspberry short bread bars for my AMAZING family who is letting Nate and I stay at their home. Oh and of course, I’m at a coffee shop now. Who knows maybe I’ll go home and meditate too.

It probably doesn’t work if you are trying to cram in all of your stress relievers in a few hours huh? So many rules.