Where We Were This Weekend.

Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0070

These adorable people got married, and they had the two handsomest ushers ever. Handsome and his twin Rooster.

Anyway we were there for a lot of the last steps of the wedding.

Like the Rehearsal Dinner
Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0152

She was a little flustered there for a while. But she looked lovely and she’s the sweetest. He on the other hand, was pretty cool and dare I even say giddy?


Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0061

I think it was lovely. Except here’s the thing…
Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0085

I WANT TO GET MARRIED ALREADY! As in I’m impatient, and I just want to be married to the man I love.
Jeffers-Samuel Wedding_0188

Him. Handsome. Oh he’s so handsome.

Well Twenty Five Days. I feel like a kid going to Disney who can’t wait to leave already.