Our To-Do list To-Day

Jens Wedding Shower (3_25_11)_0013

Here comes the wedding. All quick and only in 30 days. Woah wooaahh. Oh a oh.

Tonight Nate and I are putting our noses to the vows. Well we aren’t making our vows but we are making everything else ourselves, which is going to require a lot of work.

– Nate has to finish his pink to-do list that made up for me writing all the invitations.
– Jen has to finish the Thank- You Cards
– Nate to take pictures of the bowties
– Jen to make the hankys for tears of joy
– Jen to make secret crafts
– Nate to contact the people back about the lights
– Nate and Jen to create time frame for reception

Oh and the other two page to-do list for the wedding.


Want to help? We could use a lot of kind words of encouragement! Si Se Puede! Of course if you are in the area and want to do more hands on help call us! We have a job for you! Far away and want to do more than a kind word? Call us! We have a few things we’re looking for and could use help for – it could be you!

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