First Book of Summer

I told myself I would like to read a book a week for the summer. I always try to do this goal every summer. And I end up only reading three books and a shelf full of really want to read that books. Or a handful of halfway started books. For example, one my books from last summer is one I am still drudging through.

So. My first book, for my first week of summer. Had to be a beach read (mostly because I was tired of reading Shakespeare and Feminist Theory — I needed something a little light to say the least). Which leads us to one of my favorite authors,

Jennifer Cruisie.

Trust Me On This

You can buy it here. It’s pretty good. It’s a basic beach read. Woman who’s career (and or life) is in shambles. Meets man who doesn’t know his world isn’t that great. World changes. The two fall in love, but they can’t stay with each other because of circumstances and hence the tension. Despite the fact that the plot is easily plottable. I love Crusie for her use of characters. I like the way she frames characters different than the traditional. I also could not get enough of her humor throughout this book. There were so so many good one liners I found myself literally laughing out loud. Therefore I suggest this book as a throw in your bag last minute. It’s not worth going out and seeking, but it’s a nice light read if that is what you are looking for.