No Car May

Molly with Jen 010For those of you who didn’t hear. Nate and I are going without a car for the Month of May. Well. Sorta. You see we are planning this thing called a wedding. Which requires a lot of. Well everything. But for us travel. Which is why it’s No Car May … except for the weekends. For instance last weekend we had a trip up to Indiana filled with Wedding Crafts, Wedding Meetings, and lastly I had a few Doctors Appointments. Then this weekend I have a coaches clinic up in the Northern part of the state Saturday and Sunday. Hence why it is No Car Except Weekends.

How’s it going you ask? Deadly. Terribly. Miserable. And I am not exaggerating. Mostly because mother nature decided to kick it up to 85 this week. And yes we do NOT have the air conditioning on, which makes things hotter. Because you see it means the hot Indian Butter Chicken I made the other day, is NOT what we want for dinner. Nor is the Hot Chicken Picatta. Infact all I want is something to cool me off, like a nice cold Bruschetta Pasta. Or a Cold Chicken Salad. Or Icecream for gods sake.

However in order to get these things we must go to the store. Walking. Which means our food would either MELT or I would melt carrying three bags of groceries home like we did last week. It’s gross. It’s ungodly gross. Therefore instead I scrounged up some brats in the back of the freezer chipped off the freezer burn and dug in. That was Tuesday. Now we are down to hot dogs. Handsome doesn’t like hotdogs. He’s learning to deal with it.

What I’ve learned so far with No Car May: Really everywhere in my small town is somewhere you can walk to. Yes this includes the grocery store. The more I read on what’s going on in the environment the more I feel like I have to do something so it makes me feel a little better that I’m doing No Car May. If you don’t have the air conditioning on chances are your friends do. Go visit them.

I’ll keep you updated from my puddle of melt over here.*

*Which coincidentally is probably from global warming because this is suppose to be July weather in May… Hmm maybe we’ll do No Car 2112….