Why I want a Video-a-grapher…. And Why Handsome Doesn’t.

Now that classes are winding down I’m able to well do everything that I wasn’t able to do. Including, but not limited to the ability to breathe – it. is. glorious.

Anyway I’ve also been able to look at wedding things to get done, which is to some people’s dismay that my to-do list is getting longer.


Here’s what I’ve found while looking for inspiration. Videos. Adorable. Tear Jerking. Let’s-get-married-already videos.

Such As –

Nick + Kate // Semple Mansion from capture studios on Vimeo.

Wes and Mark from Key Moments Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Reasons why I want a videographer –

I want to have all the speeches on tape. So I can play them over and cry.
Because I’m a sap.
Because they make me smile.
Because of the adorable music in the background.
Because of what they can do with creativity and video editing.

Reasons Handsome doesn’t want a videoagrapher –

It’s more money.
The ones from the 90s were terrible.
Because we are picture people not video people.
Because he hates when I cry so if they make me cry – No.

What do you think???