Yes sometimes I feel like screaming. There are… FORTY THREE days until I am marrying the man I love. WHAT.


Here’s what’s on my to do as immediately as life allows list.

– Find Vintage Bow-ties for the guys. (Also learn how to spell Bow-ties… is that the right? Oh who knows!)
– Get Nate a ring!
– Do everything possible from the ring store to get a “discount”
– Find design for Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.
– Figure out where we are buying our booze from.
– Talk to the singers for the ceremony
– Order all the suspenders
– Bridesmaids’ and Groomsmens’ gifts
– Figure out a Creative Aspect for Transportation two and from the ceremony and reception. (AKA Arrive in style, not the silver bullet)
– Meet with Fr. John – Plan ceremony (Please note the ceremony is already nailed down OH BABY!)
– Pick Cake
– Plan Day-after Brunch
– Make Lighting
– Make Chachkis


And of course a few others, here’s what I found in just a short while. If anyone, and I mean anyone can help with any of this please holler. Life got really busy really fast and suddenly the wedding is almost only a month away. A MONTH! A WEEK! Soon my butt is getting married!!
Bowling (March 11)_0143

Tee hee hee… It’s the butt that’s marrying my butt. HAHAHA.


… This isn’t driving me crazy is it??!