Giving Up Jesus for Lent


This lent I decided to explore other forms of faith and spirituality. Therefore I gave up Jesus. Not intentionally, if I wanted to go to mass or had a deep desire to I would have gone, but I found myself intrigued of spending that time doing other things that aided me along a spiritual journey.

It started a few weeks ago with Eat, Pray, Love. Which freaked me out because it’s about a woman finding herself after losing herself in her marriage and just in case you weren’t aware I’m getting married in a matter of weeks. However I found myself getting a lot out of it. I thought about how Gilbert reflects on her spiritual growth, personal growth, and grappling with forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. It made a lot of sense to read it. A few of the things Gilbert elaborated on what it’s like to forgive yourself for deserving leisure, loving yourself for who you are, opening your mind to all types of religion, and among others finding yourself on a constant journey of happiness, spirituality, and self discovery.

Then, it continued on with Mexico.



My trip to Mexico at La Granja Hogar is always a spiritual experience for me. La ninos of La Granja Hogar are amazing. Their ability to let me into their lives for a week always allows for so much personal reflection. They are not only adorable, but also simply awe inspiring. Even then for only doing what is they do. I also took this time to read up on meditation and practice meditation. I found the experience to be beyond words.

After Mexico I learned to take what it is I have, and be grateful, happy, and appreciative. I love Mexico don’t get me wrong, but for two weeks after we left I was happy for flushing toilet paper. Skin that wasn’t habitually dry. Muscles that weren’t exhausted after hours of working on the farm (La Granja).

More for Part Two later.