Daily Affirmation


That my friends is a very blurry picture of one Ms Annie Sprinkle. She’s awesome.* Now I’m sure you’ve heard some slightly controversial things about Sprinkle. Probably because she worked in the porn business and most people aren’t fans of porn – which is your prerogative what ever. Here’s why I liked Annie Sprinkle.

She made me laugh. Really. Really. Hard. She makes jokes about folks being uncomfortable. Mostly because it’s a little funny we’re uncomfortable with what’s below our clothes. You’ve either got one too or you’re sitting next to one. Come on that’s a little funny!

She made me believe I can be sexual. Not like I’m going to go signing up for porn any day soon. Or ever for that matter. But if a 50+ year old woman can still think her body is sexual and appreciate her body, why am I hung up on how my young – non saggy, non wrinkly body looks?

Annie Sprinkle also caused me to do a small self reflection that I turned into an affirmation.

You see I was getting down about a few things in life, and it occurred to me. – I can do anything.

So I wrote a two page email to my best friend about my daily affirmation here’s a few things I came up with.

– I appreciate the small things in life. Like photography. Old funiture. Old things. Old people. Nature. Smells. Rain. Music. Good people. Young people. The feel of water when you first jump into it.

– I believe in the goodness of others.

– I believe in Karma (ex. I lose something only because someone else needs it. Ex. Someone steals from me only because they need it, thus needing it more than me, I’ll let it go and be grateful I don’t have to steal).

– I rock. Ya sure sometimes I don’t always do everything I’m suppose to. But I try. Really. Really. Hard. And you know what? That’s all anyone can ask for.


What is it you rock at? Because everyone is awesome at somethings what are yours?


*Annie Sprinkle’s talk was about sexual empowerment, sexual awareness, safe sex, and how it helped her. However sex is obviously a personal decision for each person. Even Sprinkle said that those who have not had sex should wait till they are comfortable, and willing. Annie also said if you were going to have sex, enjoy it and know your partner and your own body.