Somethings are going on here…

Jens 21st_0107

Here’s the deal. Life is a constant game of guess and jump right? Because really you can sit and calculate, but there is always new factors, and multipliers, and really – You have to jump.

Which is why I jumped a lot this year and I think it should be all recognized. Because I’m still nursing a broken leg, and I landed on some awesome opportunities.

Coaching- Coaching was one of those experiences where I always said, “that would be interesting.” And it was. Except. All the circumstances were wrong and it was a whole lot of winging it. A lot of uncertainty. Which resulted in a lot of well exhaustion. Except there were parts of it I liked, and parts of it that I could expand on, and parts I wish I could go back and do over. More importantly there’s a part that I can say I loved, and I did well, and that was the only reason I wanted to coach, and maybe that reason wasn’t enough.

Poetry– I took this poetry class in the fall and literally the first thing I said to the class was, “I think poetry is one of those parties that has a fancy dress code and only lets certain people in. I somehow got here and am clearly wearing the wrong thing.” Which is true. It’s exactly as I feel. Then someone told me my poem was powerful. Then someone said it was funny. Then someone said you should apply for this contest, this grant, and now two winning moments later I’m still attempting to write poetry. It’s beyond worth it. It’s so great. I love laughing at the responses to female organs, and bodily functions. I love when people get really quiet over sad poems, and snicker at poems that are funny, but no one is suppose to laugh at that humor. Really it’s one of those things I’m still jumping with sometimes I twist an ankle, but so far it’s been worth it.

Being Engaged to the Man I Love- has been maybe one of the hardest falls there is. Because the entire way down people are going to give you every piece of advice they can. Which is great, and I’m grateful. Except well. Maybe I’m not. I don’t appreciate the negative remarks, or the bad domestic jokes, I don’t like the objectification of Handsome nor I. I don’t like the over sexualization that comes along with a wedding, and a honeymoon. Really I’m not a fan. I already wrote why it is I’m getting married, but I think it should go else to noticed, if I could call it anything else I would.

A few more things that have been in my life and leaping from one to the next, Activism, Baking, Cooking, Creativity, Women’s Studies Work, Environmentalism, and the ever desire to learn.
Just to update you a little.