Birthday Part Two

Okay so this day actually wasn’t my birthday, it was still part of the awesome 24 hours.

First there was.

Jens 21st_0104

Books. Beautiful Beautiful Book. You see sadly Borders is going out of business. Which meant I got to look at a lot of books on sale.
Jens 21st_0108

I always love when you’re at a book store and you just have to sit because well you have to check it all out and there’s no need standing for that. Yes that does mean I’m that freak at book stores that sits on the floor and reads the book to see if I really want it.
Jens 21st_0117

Then we went to Trader Joes and I checked out all the organic food. No really I put it all in my cart and checked it out. We are still eating food from this weekend. It’s delicious. There’s still bread, and ethnic stuff, and spices, and chicken, and oh yum!

Jens 21st_0130

THEN handsome and I went to Pottery By You! It was great we each picked out a piece of ceramics and then we PAINTED it. (Crazy right?) Then in a few weeks we pick up the pottery all glazed and beautiful. Handsome’s pot turned out really sweet I’m excited to see it. Mine. Not so much.

Jens 21st_0138

But I had a lot of fun. Plus the best part was this woman who had a large handful of kids let them all paint as much as they wanted. You can imagine her bill was probably racking up, but she didn’t seem to care she wanted to harbor their creativity. It was great! That and they were adorable. So we (Handsome and I) spent a lot of money because both of our pieces were large and with the studio fee and such we received a bunch of punches on a discount card. I before even finishing the paper work walked over to this woman and handed her the discount card. She deserved it, and she was super appreciative. It was AWESOME.

Jens 21st_0142

Last but certainly not least we went to the Trader’s Point Creamery. WOO! Okay actually when we got there it was pretty much shut down for the night, all the tours and walks, and farmers markets were gone. BUT we decided to make reservations for dinner and try out their organic dining. Holy. Shit. It was so tasty. I got organic free range chicken. I hate chicken. I think chicken smells gross, and tastes okay at best. I was literally. Licking. My. Lips. (and finger tips, and fork, and plate…) It was so good. The prices were a little high, but you pay that for good food you know? I would suggest if you’re ever in the Indy area GO! So of course we came home with cheeses and organic food. I would also suggest if you go to Trader’s Point Creamery, always ask the service what to get. They know. Well they should.

Really that was the end of 24 straight hours of birthday awesomeness. Handsome and I had a blast. However he still owes me jalapeno poppers!

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