Birthday – Part One

Jens 21st_0014

Okay so my birthday was a bad ass twenty four hours. For real there was a lot.

And I’m not talking a lot of alcohol. I’m talking a lot of well… Adventures!
Jens 21st_0020

Handsome, Me and Mandy all went to this…. EIGHT course meal. Each paired with a wine. It was… well it was an experience. We were glad to have the experience because it just so happened that this deal was on Groupon TWICE allowing all of us to get one!
Jens 21st_0035

This salad was probably my favorite of the eight courses (I was there for the food, the rest of the 100 people there were clearly there for the wine. Hence why I think the first three courses were the best and the last 3 the worst). Anyway this salad was delish! It was a strawberry with mixed green topped with a strawberry sweet vinaigrette (we’re talking syrup kinda sweet here folks).
Jens 21st_0041

I learned I like white wine and not red wine.
Jens 21st_0040

I laughed really hard with this gal. (Please note my diligently swirling my wine). (Also ignore my disproportionately large face, Wide angle will do that to a girl).
Jens 21st_0067

I got to tell more people about the man I love and how close our wedding is coming!

Jens 21st_0081

Mostly these people who sat at the table with us, and kept us laughing along with the meals and the narrator of the wine pairing. Ya Table Five!

Then after well eight half glasses of wine and a quick stop at Mandy’s apartment, we were off.

Jens 21st_0008

To the Slippery Noodle Inn. One of Indianapolis’s BEST blues bars. I loved it. It was out of this world. Okay really the beer selections weren’t out of this world, but the music was. WOW this guy up here was so good (so good I sent a text to myself of some of the lyrics so I can look em up!) If your ever in Indianapolis I’m telling you now. Go to. The. Slippery Noodle. Unless you want to dance and grind up on someone. Then maybe you should go else where, but if you like good music, and a good time go here!

I’ll post more later about the last half of my birthday (Don’t worry there’s lots more that happened on my birthday!)