I’m a Pony…

Okay so here’s the deal. Handsome likes long hair. HA That’s not actually the deal. What the deal is the way I want my hair requires it to be mildly long. Well here’s the real deal. I’m cheap… cheap enough NOT to cut my hair every three weeks. It’s more like every six months.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway this only cutting my hair every six months has managed to help keep my hair. Stupid long. Like “Ow you’re laying on my hair” and “Why yes that is my bangs that can touch my chin, why are you judging….”

Don’t judge.

Yes that is me after a hair cut. It’s still very long. Yes it might be the nicest it’s looked in weeks but I have a shower this weekend and my mother gave me the third degree to make sure I don’t act like a third grader at a birthday party. (Hmp I’ll show her) Anyway it’s been on my schedule since before Mexico but today was the beautiful, amazing, weight lighting day. – A hair cut.

Which required me to ask my hair dresser…

How short would my hair be if I cut off 8 inches.

That’s right folks EIGHT INCHES.

Needless to say… I have hair to spare which means….

Only DAYS after my wedding.

I. Am. Donating my locks. To love.

-Soon to be short haired tomato.