Woah. 88 Days. Wow. Woah. Holy smokes. I mean. Woah.

Okay Jen gain control here everything is okay. Breathe. Breathe.

Eighty eight days. Holy smokes. Here’s how my life looks for a while.

Getting my ring ordered.
Find a caterer.
Taste the cake.
Send some pictures to my photographer.
Get the proofs for the invitations.
Go to my wedding shower.
Turn 21.
Go to another wedding shower.
Finish my puppy training book.
Call the woman who breeds the puppies we want.
Getting the order for the boys clothes.
Decide on an Ipod or a DJ.

If anyone has advice or any help on any of these things please feel free to give it. Especially with songs for the Ipod and or DJ.

I bet you didn’t know I fell back in love with this guy did you?

Well I did. He’s super handsome huh?