Taking a Breather

Life got really stressful. Really fast. I’m taking hiding under blankets, tables, and behind books kinda stressful. Which is what happens when you take 21 credit hours, plan a wedding, and save the world all at once. Which is why I’m taking a few moments to talk about things that make me happy, and things I enjoy.

Bowling (March 11)_0011

My ushers. And their hugs. And their funny faces. Plus they always make me feel loved. They are the best. Also one of them I know for certian is single and I’d love to hook you up with him (Note: I am old and under no circumstance am I using the new age term of ‘hookingup’ instead I want you to go have coffee with him sheesh). He deserves it. Plus he’s awesome. I digress…
Bowling (March 11)_0143

Handsome’s tooshie rear end, and that I finally got a picture of it. That and he posted it online. Although only one of the tens I took…

Sewing and when handsome captures a sweet picture of me doing so.

Knowing I use to have tan lines. Terrible terrible swimming tan lines.

Molly with Jen 001

Green stuff.

I guess this all boils down to a severe cabin fever and tired of locking myself away with wedding planning. Hmm. Well here’s one more picture to leave you with.
Thanksgiving 10_0045