Bloomington, Indiana

Nate and I went on adventure forever ago. It was pretty rough because I had to rush back from the adventure and start knocking things off my to-do list. It was long.

The adventure was great though. The weather finally turned around and Mr. Sunshine finally finally finally (FINALLY) came out of hibernation. Although it still was pretty darn chilly at night… but I’ll take what I can get. Anyway we went there and met her most recent partner in crime and talked in her adorable apartment. Really I should have taken pictures I was like a record repeating “Oh this is super cute” including her bathroom. Hmm maybe I’ll take pictures next time I am down there.

Anyway then we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Bloomington. Mother Bears. I know right? It’s great. If you haven’t been there go, and what ever you do, what ever you do, order a house salad with ranch. The ranch is buttermilk, and the salad has goldfish, and onions, and tomatoes, it’s… Oh it’s… *licks chops* Then of course we ordered pizza a nice thick crust good topping’d pizza.

Next we sat for only a short while. We allowed food to rest while my very best friend waited for the clock to tick down to 21 granting her access to some of the scummiest places on earth. I mean some great college bars. While sitting for a short while we thought we heard a slight tremble in my stomach (probably digestion) but no it was hunger! And off to my second favorite restaurant in Bloomington- Baked.

Baked maybe the smartest idea I’ve ever heard in my life. You see you order cookies. Fresh baked cookies.
IU_0016Like mom makes, except not my mom because she made cookie bars. And Baked you can add things like pretzels, nuts, chips of all kinds- peanut-butter, chocolate chip, cappuccino chip, ecstasy chip (…kidding), and then you can add afterbakes of butterfingers, and kitkat bars, and snickers, you name it they will put it in a cookie. It’s heaven.


Guess what we did the next day?

We went on another eating frenzy, but really that’s nothing. What’s the coolest part about all of this.


(This picture is so terrible it couldn’t not be posted. We are best friends in all our awkward faces and photos)

Was getting coffee with my best friend and talking next to a creative writer as they scribbled away quickly taking down all the insights we had to life, love, and god. Then we talked about the future and what it means for us, then we talked about being very best friends.

P.S. Did you know I love this man?