Tomorrow is my very best friend’s birthday. She’s turning old. Super old. 21. Woah. Okay so I’m younger than she is, but if she’s turning old it means I’m turning old soon and it’s all really weird. Anyway. In a few short minutes we’ll be heading on the road and across state lines to see her and celebrate. EEE.

Here’s a few things you should know about my very best friend.

She like me, has an addiction to summer. Okay so maybe I do more than she does, but she puts up with it. In fact she puts up with a lot… hrm…

She’s laughed really hard with me taking outrageous pictures.

She’s been the Woo to my Football. Which required a lot of jumping. A lot of screaming. A lot of jump shakin’ and watching football with passion.

Best of all when her van is full of people being loud and crazy and much like life everything is crammed into one van going places none of us really know and we’re all trying to wing. She freaks out a little and keeps her cool (contradicting?). Either way I’m looking forward to seeing her and eating great food.

I’ll post that recipe soon I promise!!